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Red Team

Red team logical order of operations and explanations of routes

Red DevOps and Machine Learning Path

Red Team Path

1. Red Teaming Basics The best Red Teams will be nearly indistinguishable from standard applicat...

starter part 5

Hacking Starter Path

10. Enumeration (Active): -Discovering other websites on the same server - vhosts https://ge...

starter part 4

Hacking Starter Path

awesome osint Passive Reconnaissance Tools: ​ BuiltWith ​ Whois ​ OSINT Framework ​ ​...

Hacking Starter Part 3

Hacking Starter Path

8. Cryptography Crypto Techniques Steganography vs Cryptography - Cryptography vs Encod...

Hacking Starter Part2

Hacking Starter Path

7. Web Technologies HTTP, web technologies and architecture Web Architecture 101 - the basic ar...

Hacking Intermediate Path

Hacking Starter Path

1. Ethical hacking starter 2. Physical Access Attacks -OS Login Bypass • Introduction to Authe...

Hacking Starter part1

Hacking Starter Path

Requirements -Hardware -Building motivation Movies For Hackers - A curated...

Hardware reverse engineering path

Red Team Path

First steps on IoT/HW: Arduino/Raspberry PI + Modules/Hats. Learn the internals of Emb...

Advanced software RE Path

Red Team Path

1. Red Teaming Basics Exploitation and RE Fundamentals 2. Ctf path re mobile crypto Software P...

Physical Security

Red Team Path

1. Red Teaming Basics 2. OSINT Advanced 2.1 Keeping Anonymity 2.2 Big data   2.3 Ctf path Fo...

Consulting Path

Red Team Path

Red team basics ISO 27001 NIST PCI DSS GDPR Network security Endpoint security Application...

Hacking Starters Shelf

A great start all in one place!

Exploit Development Path

Red Team Path

1. Red Teaming Basics 2. Ctf path pwn re mobile crypto 3 - Exploit Development Introduction St...

Wireless Penetration Testing Path

Red Team Path

1. Red teaming basics Wireless Standards and Networks Study IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks   ...

Advanced Penetration Testing

Red Team Path

Completed all Penetration Testing domains Network security engineering Systems secu...

Network Penetration Testing Path

Red Team Path

Red Teaming Basics SOS Red team tactics:

Red Team Basics

Red Team Path

Ethical Hacking Starter Ethical Hacking Intermediate

Hacking Starter Path

Red Team Path

All the steps needed to reach red perfection!

1) Passive recon

Methods of gathering information without generating any suspicion. i.e. wireshark dumps, inspecti...

Wireshark / tcpdump

Introductions to useful wireshark / tcpdump commands to examine interactions without any suspicio...

starter part 6

Hacking Starter Path

11. Email SecurityPhishing Attacks Desktop Phishing, Spear Phishing IDN Homograph Attack Socia...