Hardware reverse engineering path

First steps on IoT/HW:

Arduino & Raspberry Pi

Serial Communication Protocols Microcontrollers/Microprocessors Arduino side channel attacks (ex: timing attack in strcmp() function)

Understand the Physical Tools needed for hardware RE


  • Arduino

  • Teensy

  • ATtiny

  • FPGA

  • CPLD

  • Raspberry pi

  • Beagle Bone Black

  • IPhone(jailbroken)

  • Android

RF tranceivers

  • CC11xx(sub-GHz), nRF24L01+ (2.4GHz GFSK)

  • Logic Analyzer(Salae)

  • Oscilloscope(Rigol)

  • any USB microscope

Software tools

Buy a Starters pack

  • Arduino/Teensy

  • Raspberry pi


Arduino modules for extra functionality:

  • HM10

  • nRF24L01

  • HC12

  • MCP2515

Intermediate pack - optionnal

starters pack + Logic analyzer HackRF/BladeRF

Pro pack - optionnal

Intermediate pack + FPGA Oscilloscope

Elite pack - optionnal

Pro pack + CPLD

Twitter Accounts to follow for IoT/HW:

  • IoTvillage

  • CarHackVillage

  • hardwear_io

  • Riscure

  • SecureAerospace

  • AviationVillage

  • SignalCapture

  • ICS_Village

  • hack_a_sat

  • SamyKamkar

Youtube channels (general purpose) for Embedded devices/HW

Learning to Decapsulate Integrated Circuits using Acid Deposition https://jcjc-dev.com/2020/10/20/learning-to-decap-ics/


Memory corruption


channel attacks



https://hackaday.com/ to site tous https://samy.pl/ https://www.hackster.io/videos


  • Hardware Security: A Hands-on Learning Approach

  • general purpose books for arduino/PI

  • The hardware hacker

  • Hardware Hacking Have Fun While Voiding Your Warranty

Online Labs:

https://www.hackthebox.eu/home/challenges/Hardware https://know.bishopfox.com/blog/how-to-set-up-your-hardware-lab

Awesome Embedded and IoT Security:

https://github.com/fkie-cad/awesome-embedded-and-iot-security https://github.com/nebgnahz/awesome-iot-hacks

Car Hacking


Awesome vehicle security https://github.com/jaredthecoder/awesome-vehicle-security


The car hackers handbook

Game console Hacking

  • Hacking the xbox

  • Game Console Hacking Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Game Boy, Atari, & Sega

  • Hacking x360 for dummies



Common wireless protocols

Bluethooth/Low energy (BLE) (hcitool, gatttool) Wi-Fi (aircrack-ng)

Used in many IoT devices:

Zwave Zigbee (HW tool: killerbee) 6LoWPAN GSM/LTE NFC/RFID (HW tool: MFRC-522)

Also GNURadio is an awesome software tool for signal and wireless protocol analysis